Alex Jeffreys sounds too good to be true

After joining Alex Jeffreys’ coaching program I dutifully went through his modules and gained quite alot of insight from his first module. The first module basically works on you and is according to me one of the best, if not the best, module in his course.

Like everyone else on the coaching program I started to do exactly what he told me to. I created a squeeze page, got Aweber rolling and created my opt-in form.

Round about the beginning of module 4, Alex encourages us to create a blog and just start blogging away. This, he says helps create an online presence. “Just start blogging,” I thought to myself. What do I blog about? What on earth do I have to say that might make others want to read it.

Immediately I went off in pursuit of the most intelligent sounding things to blog about. I mean, isn’t that what every one else advocates. Keyword research, 500 words, etc, etc.

Before long I got so lost in all my preparations that I started thinking that this internet marketing thing is probably not for me.

I thought that I didn’t want to devote my blog to just internet marketing, and would just go back to WordPress Tutorials, my initial aim. I even created a new logo to go with my new decision.

While taking a break, and trying to figure out what to do first, it somehow slowly dawned on me that I was doing exactly what I had been doing all these years without success.

I felt comfortable being busy, so that was what I started doing. I kept myself busy with unimportant little things that had no relevance to my success at all.

I had to go back to the basics he taught. I realized that it was the basics that started the problem. The basics were too basic for a mind that had been poisoned with so much guru talk over the previous 4 years.

I didn’t know how to listen to basics and believe that they were all I needed. I had to over complicate things. What Alex was saying sounded too good to be true.

So I cleaned my little slate, which is positioned right in front of me on my desk, and wrote the following.

HE knows and He knows.

HE knows, meaning God knows that I want to succeed at this internet marketing thing and that HE will help me accomplish those goals through His grace and; He knows meaning Alex Jeffreys knows what he is talking about and what it takes to get there as he has done it before.

Alex said, the money is in the list. Period. At least for a beginner like me it had to be period. Yes, there are things like the relationship with the list, backend selling, upsells, cross-sells and the whole nine yards, but right now I have to concentrate on the list.

So, as my way of being accountable to performing and accomplishing my goals I have decided to share with the online world what my goals are. Phew, I’ve said it and now there’s no going back.

I believe that I can grow my list to 10000 in 12 months, which averages roughly 25 subscribers a day. Right now though, I am aiming for a much more realistic goal for me, and that goal is:

100 subscribers within 1 month.

Yea, I know that it’s a far cry from my 25 subscribers a day, as this averages roughly 3 subscribers a day, but I believe that seeing those 3 subscriptions a day would do much to lift my spirits and prompt me on.

I have put a little sign in my sidebar wherewith I will inform everyone visiting this site how far I’ve come with my list building campaign.

Well, that’s it for today. Talk to you later and God bless you.