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From the Desk of Abby Haukongo:

Dear Frustrated Wannabe Listbuilder

-Have you ever wondered if it was possible to setup your own autoresponder, on your own dashboard, under your complete management and control, ABSOLUTELY FREE?

-Do you wish you could also have an email list you could market to and make some money, but just don't know exactly how to avoid all of those hefty autoresponder fees, that can be so crippling to a newbie?...

...or maybe

...your trial period has expired and you're wondering whether you should apply again, just so you can send out emails to your list...

...or maybe

...you had an autoresponder, but due to some rules written in fine print, your account was permanently shut down.

If that's where you're at, then I know and understand how you feel as that is exactly how I used to feel before I researched and started to self-host my autoresponders, and built my email lists...


What would you say if I told you I can show you how to run your very own surefire AUTORESPONDER FOR FREE?

What if I told you I can show you how to set it up and run it straight from your very own WordPress dashboard?

Would that make you sigh from relief?

You see for many years I dutifully paid my monthly autoresponder fees, without having any subscribers to show for it.

Whenever the time came to pay my monthly fees, I did so reluctantly and with a heavy heart.

That was, until I discovered that I could literally run this thing straight from my dashboard and cut out those pesky, money-sucking AR companies out of the equation.


I created Easy AutoResponder, when I saw how many people were scraping to pay for autoresponders. The fees can be crippling, especially if you're just starting out. And judging by all the feedback I've already gotten, I'm quite confident it can help YOU too.

Get Instant Access to Easy Autoresponder

Now You Too Can Finally Build Your Email List!!

  • Imagine building lists and more lists to your hearts delight
  • Imagine not having to shell out those pesky autoresponder fees
  • How nice would it be not to have to worry about paying your AR bill
  • What would it feel like to see your first subscriber on your own dashboard
  • How awesome would it be to start making money from your online endeavours

No Stressing About AutoResponder Fees!!

  • No more stressing about autoresponder fees.
  • No need to wonder how to quickly build your list to make money.
  • No more fearing that your account can be closed down.
  • No life-draining tech skills required.
  • No complicated courses that has you wondering what the heck to do next.

Easy Autoresponder Is As Easy As 1-2-3!

Over The Shoulder Videos

All of the videos in Easy Autoresponder are very step by step and over-the-shoulder. You'll always know what to do next.

Simple To Implement

This method is so easy to implement you can be up and ready in less than an hour.

Very Newbie Friendly

The strategies revealed in Easy Autoresponder are VERY newbie friendly and will get you instant results.

100% Outsourceable

If you'd rather pass the job to someone else then go for it! That way you can kick your feet up even more 😉

What People Like YOU Say About My Products!

Here Is What  You Get

Module #1

  • In this module I run you through the installation process. We will install a couple of plugins and then we will configure them thoroughly so as to ensure a sure and solid foundation.
  • Get this one wrong and your whole system will run on thin air. You'll be prone to have issues later on, and you don't want to have those.
  • We'll ensure that you have a proper SMTP carrier for your emails, so that your deliverability rate is higher and consistent with industry standards.

Module #2

  • This module will run you through setting up your autoresponder sequence.
  • As well as setting up and sending your broadcast emails.
  • You will learn how to manually add subscribers to your subscriber database
  • As well as importing and exporting your existing email lists


Module #3

  • In this module we will install more plugins to ensure that our optin form looses that bland look it previously had.
  • We will integrate the various plugins with each other so as to ensure an aesthetic look to our optin forms.
  • We will also create our own styles and themes so as to dress up our optin forms the professional way


Module #4

In this final module I will show you how you can run your whole system from off one central database.

By putting optinforms on other domains, and running it from a main installation

I'll show you the coding involved to change the look of those optin forms

As Well As These Bonuses:

Bonus #1

To ensure that you completely understand what you have learned on all 4 modules, I have decided to provide you with a step-by-step mindmap on what you need to do to smooth out the process.

But you have to order TODAY to secure this extra bonus...

Try Easy Autoresponder Now For 30 Days Risk Free!

I'm 100% Confident That You Will Love Taking Your Email List Building On A Whole New Level With Easy Autoresponder!

But If You Don't, I'm Offering A Full 30 Day, No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed With Easy Autoresponder.

To your Success!

- Abby Haukongo

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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Q: Is this really newbie friendly?
Yes! I have made this course and the entire system as newbie friendly as possible. When I created the videos I had in mind me when I started out, and how I wished someone would have laid it out for me.

Q: Do I have to make any HUGE investments?
None at all. You can run this system without touching your credit card at all.

Q: Are there any OTOs / upsells?
Yes, there are upsells. I've created this course as complete as possible,. The OTO's merely serve as enhancers to the course....

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