My Pain, My Story

Welcome to my first blogpost. I have started this blog to document my journey on my quest to understand this internet marketing thing, to be able to put together exactly what I need to do to create an online income.

Maybe you’re in the same shoes as I am. I hope that as I make progress towards attaining my purposes and goals it will inspire you to start on your journey too.

Statistics show that only about 3% of people who venture on making money on the internet, actually make it online. So, my question is, what do the other 97% of us do wrong. I am sure I will find out very soon.

I have been on the internet since 2008. I have spent hours in front of my computer reading and learning a ton of stuff hoping that each would be the holy grail.

I have spend a lot of money buying WSO’s, ebooks and videos. By the way WSO’s are products sold on the Warrior Forum at massively discounted prices.

Whilst what I bought online, and the knowledge that I garnered from various sources on the internet was very good and taught me about topics in great depth, it still left me unable to connect the dots.

Up until a week ago I was dutifully pounding it away. I had planned to create my own WSO where I teach others the basics of wordpress coding.

I had just bought a WSO by John Thornhill called WSO Domination, and was reading through the course material when I stumbled upon an interview he had with Alex Jeffreys.

Alex Jeffreys
Listening to Alex Jeffreys made me realize that he talked a lot of sense. I just knew that I had to check him out. He sounded different. So, I joined his coaching program.

Alex is a smart guy. I immediately saw where the two of us differed immensely. Whereas I worry about the look of things, tweaking here and there, just to have it, oh so perfect, he outsources and concentrates on his strengths.

This is smart marketing. Something I definitely needed to start doing. I was surprised that he didn’t even know about minor technical things and would refer to his technical guy Garry.

Whereas I jump around from this idea to that idea, he has a proven blueprint that made him a lot of money over the years.

From looking around his forum and visiting the websites of his past students I came to the realization that this guy knows what he’s talking about. Finally I am in good hands.

There is so much of the right stuff to learn now, but it all suddenly makes so much sense.

Before, I concentrated on getting the little things right and that made me lose perception time and time again.

Now, I feel as if I’ve been elevated above the earth and have a clearer picture of how the internet marketing world functions.

One of the valuable things I am now implementing that I learned from Alex is to build a list. As they always say. The money is in the list.

Well, I’ll fill you in on the progress of my list building. Until next time, God bless you.