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Founder and CEO

Abby is the lead SEO expert and founder at abbyhaukongo.com, a successful digital marketing agency in Namibia. She got involved with digital marketing in 2008, back in the days when the Warrior Forum was still the place to be. 

The Warrior Forum was a great place to learn, as it was always frequented by experts in various fields of digital marketing, selling their knowledge at a very low price. Abby made sure to grab up everything she could find on search engine optimization.

Abby quickly developed a love for WordPress, and would buy domains for various niches and try to rank them in order to sell products as an affiliate  marketer.

Her first success came with a review site on sheds, which she managed to rank for a number of keywords and from which she earned her first online dollar.

From that time on, she was hooked on SEO.

Abby would regularly help out friends and family with their on page and off-page optimization. Making sure that they were in the best position to rank high in the Google SERPs. Since SEO is an ever-changing field, one has to constantly update oneself on the latest.

Abby regularly purchases new courses from some of the best in the industry in order to stay updated on trends and Google’s algorithms.

She enjoys time with family, huddled around the stove, and cooking up a delicious Spaghetti Bolognaise. She also enjoys going for walks with her dog Ginger. If she is not in front of the computer, working on an SEO strategy to help her clients make thousands of dollars, you will find her reading a good book with a cup of hot cappuccino.



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