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Abby Haukongo has always been intrigued by how simple it is to rank a site if you follow basic guidelines. Yet many businesses and individuals struggle to understand these basics. To make matters worse,  “SEO masters” and “SEO gurus” are plenty, yet clients are nowhere to be found on the first page of Google for keywords with relatively low keyword difficulty.

Many have spent huge sums of money paying topnotch “SEO companies” for literally nothing.

Does that ring a bell?

Our SEO agency was built and is run with one goal in mind. To provide our clients with a return on their investment (ROI) from the get go. We, as a SEO marketing agency completely understand that results are the only thing that matters. Therefore, we aim to provide you with those results.

The systems we have put in place are geared towards streamlining our processes so that those results are readily available. 

As such we are governed by three important core values: Integrity, Transparency and Results.


We Deliver. We Provide Businesses With A Piece of the Real SEO Cake.


15 Albatros Street, Swakopmund, Namibia.

(+264) 81 234 56 78

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